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Ambroz d.o.o.

Ambroz d.o.o., since its founding in 1997, has set high business standards and, based on its long tradition, knowledge and innovation, has developed into a reliable and respectable company with a network of satisfied customers in the domestic and foreign markets. We are specialized in the production of various metal products, from the idea and design to the processing and production using laser cutting, CNC-punching, bending, drilling, welding, turning, milling, polishing, surface protection, etc., which makes us very flexible and competitive. We are leading Croatian manufacturer of hydrant and firefighting cabinets as well as other fire protection products, which was the reason for the establishment of a new branch specializing in the sale of own products and products of other reputable manufacturers in the field of fire protection equipment.


The basic mission of the company is to offer complete service through activities of production of various metal parts, while creation of added value shall be based on the synergy of knowledge, experience and tradition. The company endeavors to be a reliable partner to clients on domestic and international market, building reputation on their satisfaction.


The basic vision is to be a successful company through affirmation and professional knowledge, strengthening of the market position, use of new technologies and valorization of knowledge. The company endeavors to be an acknowledged and flexible system in all fields of work as well as to remain known by the quality of its products and services, innovativeness, relationship with partners, care for people and environment and ethical business operations.


The Management promotes the quality management system on all levels, and involves the entire staff in it.
The quality management system is an integral part of all value adding processes: from planning, development, production, joint ventures, to product delivery. An efficient quality management system is the common choice and obligation of our entire staff.
The quality policy is in accordance with the mission of Ambroz d.o.o. –
we invest all our knowledge and experience in creating top-quality products and services which comply with the quality requirements and functionality. We consider that the assurance of quality in the process of creating the product is not accessible only through a final inspection. The awareness of quality has to be pointed to the prevention of mistakes in order to prevent the occurrence in the beginning process. The basic thought that quality cannot be achieved with inspection but through production has to be the guiding line to all workers. There is no alternative for quality. This is also proven by the ISO 9001 certificate.

Excellence and reliability

The long-lasting, systematic and quality work, that puts us at the very top of the domestic economy and alongside the companies from the European Union, has been confirmed by obtaining a creditworthiness certificate.

Ambroz d.o.o.

Name: AMBROZ d.o.o.
Headquarter: Vrbani 16, HR-10000 Zagreb
Registered in: Commercial Court in Zagreb
Core capital: HRK 53,000.00 paid in full
Managing Director: Ambrozije Martinović
OIB: 69533635531
MBS: 080186424
VAT ID: HR69533635531
Bank: Zagrebačka banka d.d. Zagreb
IBAN: HR0823600001101480040


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